In 1990 a group of entrepreneurs founded the company PROMAM SA, dedicated to the manufacture of equipment for liquid petroleum gas or LPG, based in Humanes de Madrid

For almost 3 decades in this sector, in addition to supporting the main industrial groups in the Spanish market, we have carried out international projects around the world.

Our signs of identity have always been the highest quality in our products and the most complete and beneficial service for our clients (needs study, realization of projects, turnkey installations, after-sales service, guarantees …)

Years later, the company established a new headquarters Yeles (Toledo), where we grew and expanded

our offer with new prototypes and industrial machinery. Our approach to the client, close relationships and the study of their needs have allowed us to offer you what you really need.

Today PROMAM, S.A. is one of the leading companies specialized in the manufacture of LPG equipment in Spain.


Our experience allows us to solve the demands of the industrial sector. Through the knowledge of our customers we achieve the highest quality and efficiency in our products and services.


Develop and consolidate PROMAM among the main LPG bottle filling companies in the world. For this we will strive to offer all the services that the market needs adapting and innovating constantly.



Our presence in international markets has offered us new perspectives and opportunities and has allowed us to develop our activity in a very satisfactory way.

We have carried out different projects in Africa, South America and Asia and we want to expand our international presence by consolidating Promam SA as a benchmark in the sector. If you want to know more about our expansion, contact us