Through continuous innovation we offer solutions to cover all the processes required in a GLP filling installation, specializing in ATEX atmospheres.
Our trajectory in the sector allows us to develop any customized product with maximum guarantees.

  • Scada and PC ATEX
  • Filling scales
  • Checking of seals
  • Leak detectors
  • Artificial vision
  • Dynamic and static weighing
  • Static and dynamic filling circuit
  • Implantation of seals and collars
  • Weight adjustment line
  • Des gasified
  • Palletized
  • Pre-gasified circuit
  • In-line car wash
  • Online pressure regulation
  • Ionizer
  • Transport sections

  • Interior washing of containers
  • Complete pressure test system
    • Filling with water
    • Hydraulic test
    • Emptying of water
    • Water detection probe
  • Cleaning of collars and dies
  • Semi-automatic and automatic valve positioning
  • Semiautomatic pressurized
  • Sealing bath
  • Screenprinting and pad printing
  • Mechanical markers
  • Airline
  • Paint booths

  • Robotic filling circuit
  • Automatic circuit for filling
  • Testing of hoses and pipes for LPG
  • Automation of train carriages
  • Hydraulic press closing of LPG tanks
  • Sealing test pumps for the barrel
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Dry Ice Stacker
  • Retained safety valves
  • Adaptive threading
  • Detection skates
  • Special heads for filling
  • Container lift truck
  • Valve opening and closing test
  • Rain simulator
  • Filling small containers

  • Electrical panels
  • ATEX electrical panels
  • Tire pictures
  • Hydraulic frames
  • Screens and scadas

Atmósferas ATEX

The objective is to indicate the criteria to verify the compliance of the work teams to the conditions established in the Royal Decree 1215/97 on minimum safety and health provisions for the use by workers of the Work Equipment, especially in the environment of ATEX atmospheres.

We have all the necessary materials and tools to give adequate support to all our customers, performing both industrial maintenance, installation of machinery or the installation of industrial automations for ATEX atmospheres

The applications of artificial vision integrate systems of capture of digital images destined to realize visual inspections that require high speed.