In Promam we have a large group of specialists with training and experience that allow us to guarantee the best results. We are specialized in industrial automation, GLP machinery and ATEX atmospheres.

Automatización industrial

We have placed ourselves among the main companies in the sector due to our ability to face the challenge of guaranteeing safety, quality and compliance with agreed deadlines in the development of our projects and in the maintenance of industrial plants.

Automatización industrial

Each industry and each sector uses very precise equipment and installations, at Promam we specialize in installations of explosive atmospheres or ATEX atmospheres, we design, project and execute the assemblies.

Many companies need to expand or improve their plants by equipping them with the best technology to increase their production. We have a group of people trained to respond to the specific needs of each client.

Industrial automation is one of the lines of business in which we have been working the longest, with the support of some of the most important market makers , and trying that the results can be applied in the innovation and development of the industrial processes.

Automatización industrial

We inform and supply our clients with the necessary materials for the preparation of their work, always providing the best possible offer.

The Promam team is highly qualified and qualified for the complete installation of any of our products where the client requires it, adapting to the environment and finding the best possible solution.

Our specialist technicians are responsible for analyzing your ideas and projecting them through exclusive 3D designs.